Consider Buying Me a Coffee to Support my Blogging, Advocacy and Studies

Nearly a year ago, I ran a crowdfunding campaign to try and support the costs of my PhD. It was a resounding failure. I am still not in the greatest of financial situations and have significantly more student debt now then I did then and the number is only going to get higher, so I am asking for support again. This time more informally. I have added a “Buy Me a Coffee” button on the right hand toolbar. It looks like this.

Buy Me a Coffee at

If you have enjoyed my worked and want (and are able) to support the continuation of my blogging and education, please consider clicking that button and making a small donation. The service sets a minimum of $3.00 and only functions in increments of 3 (to work with it’s buy me a coffee theme).

If you decide to support me that money will go towards helping me buy food, pay tuition, pay rent and hopefully upgrade this blog.

Thank You in advance for supporting my blog, whether it is through a donation or just by reading and sharing what I write. This blog wouldn’t exist without my readers and I am grateful for all of you.

3 thoughts on “Consider Buying Me a Coffee to Support my Blogging, Advocacy and Studies

  1. If I donate when I get paid, can u respond to this? I really like this YTer usually but I think this video is wrong:

    PS- I am not trying to coerce you or say what you can and cannot write about. I love all your work because your disability analysis is just great but I thought if I am making a suggestion for you to do some type of labour I should contribute. I am low income, making under 6000 a yr in government assistance but 3 dollars is reasonable for me.


  2. Like first of all, I need to see the stats on how much violence is committed by “low functioning” autistic people. He doesn’t seem to understand what the questionable functioning labels even mean. No one can be zero functioning unless they’re deceased.


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