#HotPersonInAWheelchair and the Longevity of Bigotry

Four Years ago former Jeopardy Champion Ken Jennings tweeted an offensive joke https://twitter.com/KenJennings/status/514125105426071553 So, why am I writing about a four-year-old tweet? Isn't it old news and basically irrelevant now? Unfortunately, no. This tweet caused controversy at the time and because it is still online, people are still using it to harass disabled people. I … Continue reading #HotPersonInAWheelchair and the Longevity of Bigotry

When Accessibility gets Labeled Wasteful

Note on Accessibility There has been some concerns about the contrast on this blog, unfortunately some find it hard to read light text on a dark background while others prefer it. I am looking into getting accessibility options for the blog but until then if you prefer to read dark text on a light background, … Continue reading When Accessibility gets Labeled Wasteful

How Good is Your Social Justice Argument if it Capitalizes on Marginalizing Others?

So I came across this image on twitter It reads, The only way background checks take away your Second Amendment rights are, my friends, if you're a criminal, a terrorist or insane. And if you're all three, you're probably already a lobbyist for the NRA Full disclosure, I am a Canadian, we don't have a … Continue reading How Good is Your Social Justice Argument if it Capitalizes on Marginalizing Others?

When is Language Ableist or Offensive

Comedian and disability rights activist Maysoon Zayid was recently featured in a Think Big video where she advocates for disabled people being given opportunities to be cast in film and television roles where the character is disabled. Currently the most common casting decision is to give those roles to nondisabled actors. The video is well … Continue reading When is Language Ableist or Offensive