I am a PhD student in Critical Disability Studies. I recently completed my MA in Disability Studies and have a BA (Hons.) in Women & Gender Studies. I blog about issues of disability and society. I have left side hemiplegic cerebral palsy and am autistic.



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I do moderate my comments and will delete any which are abusive. I am the final say on what I think that is. Basically if you are polite, you are free to comment whether you agree with me or not, or agree or disagree with another commenter. Regardless of your viewpoint, if you get abusive, I will delete your comments.


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  1. I just kind of stumbled across your blog but find it interesting and refreshing! I plan to read through your articles over the next week. Former paramedic/ICU nurse with spinal cord injury after a virus and subsequent autoimmune disease (yeah, I’m still scratching my head on that). Learning how to adapt home life activities and keep my brain busy! Love the articles I’ve read so far! 🙂


    • If you have a wordpress account, you can follow that way or if you have something like Feedly which allows you to keep up with all the online content you want in one place. I don’t have the set up for a mailing list I’m afraid.


  2. Hi! Question: a) Are you okay with people citing your blog, such as in academic papers? And b) if you are okay with that, how do you want people to cite you? (e.g. by name, by blogger handle, etc…)

    I’m super grateful that your blog exists. Always gives me lots to think about, and also has proven to be a valuable source of moral support. I’m a Mad person in academia, which often makes me feel like I’m losing my mind even when I’m not– your blog often feels like a sanity check, like, Yep, there is something wrong with these systems.

    Thanks. ^_^

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  3. I found your blog from a share on FB. I enjoy it. I have MS and recently had both hips replaced. Now I’m a little less disabled than before. I have “but you look so good” disability. I occasionally look drunk because I can’t feel pressure on my feet or ass. There are other numerous invisible issues. I could always be more disabled tomorrow. I was wondering if you know of any blogs that might be more to my types of issues. An example is I’ve had airport personnel tell me to use the escalator when I need an elevator or a ramp. I had to argue with them as they stared at my apparently perfect legs. Things like that aren’t often addressed in disability blogs. Thanks for blogging about these issues.


  4. HI I just found your blog but I am having difficulty reading the light print in dark background. Is there any way for me to reformat it on my iPad. The content is great.


  5. There is the whole problem that all DSM designations that are usually thought of as “mental illness” are not evidenced based. We basically don’t know enough to distinguish whether autism, “mental illnesses” and dementia should all be considered neuroligical problems or not.

    I don’t agree with diagnosing but I do think that naming the functional difficulties he has are appropriate without attaching a diagnosis.


    • I’m not really sure what you’re referring to as I produce all of the content on this blog with the exception of one piece that was reblogged (in accordance with WordPress sharing options). If you mean do I inform people that I quote or if I embed video content from, The answer is no, I don’t ask permission because I am generally commenting or critiquing their work. This is well within fair use of copyright. I do generally share the finished post with them but I do not ask permission to publicly comment on publicly available content.


  6. Hi, I am a resident physician who is training in physiatry. I am also passionate about sharing stories and experiences of disability, and adapting and becoming stronger. I’m glad I stumbled across your blog!


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