Bad Crip: A Probably Not Comprehensive Definition

Bad Crip

Bad Crip: noun [bǽd krɪ́p]

A disabled person who has ever been or is any one or a combination of the following according to a nondisabled person/people;

  1. is not disabled enough (someone who wants accommodations even though there are totally more disabled people who “deserve” to be accommodated more)
  2. is too disabled (someone who asks for accommodations that actually require work to provide)*
  3. can do something a nondisabled person assumed that they couldn’t
  4. couldn’t do something a nondisabled person thought they should
  5. doesn’t “look disabled” (oh I’m sorry, I forgot to dress up as the International Symbol of Accessibility today)
  6. isn’t being inspirational™ right now (see also: Supercrip)
  7. isn’t letting a nondisabled person be inspirational™ for helping them just because the nondisabled person wants to (see also: Charity Poster Child)
  8. doesn’t feel like answering a nondisabled person’s unsolicited questions about their personal medical information (thinks they should have the same right to privacy as everyone else)
  9. wonders why if nondisabled people are so obsessed with their personal medical information, their actual medical diagnosis can’t seem to make it past spellcheck (hemiplegia? I think you actually mean paraplegia)**
  10. doesn’t feel like explaining that “yes disabled people have sex too” to random nondisabled people who think it’s ok to ask strangers about their sex lives (because apparently this is still something people are confused about)
  11. doesn’t care about the unsolicited medical advice from complete strangers (yes we’ve heard of that cream, it’s effects have nothing to do with us)
  12. doesn’t care if you pray for them to be healed
  13. doesn’t think they need to be healed at all
  14. expects nondisabled people to include disabled people in conversations that impact them rather than just accept whatever solutions nondisabled people come up with (otherwise known as: so you’ve come up with a “solution” that doesn’t address disabled people’s concerns and somehow still manages to maintain the status quo)
  15. thinks that they are a human being and deserves to be treated like one
  16. and is generally completely fine with being disabled.


Did I miss anything?

*It is somehow entirely possible to be both not disabled enough and too disabled at the same time.

**According to spellcheck, I don’t exist


Because of course I missed things

Embeded tweet from Pamela Hope reads

17. Shuts down able-splaining.

18. Talks about ableism.

19. Has/Hasn’t $.

20. Doesn’t ask permission.


9 responses to “Bad Crip: A Probably Not Comprehensive Definition

  1. I’m a “Bad Crip” because I didn’t appreciate a supposed friend’s exhortation to “stop wallowing” just days after my diagnosis and my doctor’s revelation that I would most likely be in pain for the rest of my life and there is no cure. My ‘friend’ felt that if I just “smiled more,” everything would be fine. This was a few months ago. I am still pissed.

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  2. 22 – Has complicated feelings about their relationship with doctors, rather than always looking at doctors as either “The Font Of Wellness” or “The Enemy”.

    23 – Bases their treatment of themself more on their experiences than on theory or politics (“Yes, I know X-drug should be perfect, but I hated the side effects. Yes, I know acupuncture is a sham, but it makes me feel better.”

    24 – Doesn’t accept all offers of help.

    25 – Accepts offers of help.

    26 – Continues having their disability long after having had the heart-to-heart with a friend that should, in a sensible narrative, have cured them.

    …I suspect you’re right, and that this list will go on literally forever.

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  3. OMG is this wonderful. Add the disabled person who does any of the above because they know what all disabled need.

    I’ve re-posted this to the CA Democratic Party Disabilities Caucus Facebook page.


  4. I always look young and great. I’m always so cheerful and am an inspiration to all, except toddlers in strollers and Millenials. Oh yes, having a good attitude makes such a difference.(I’m a bad crip in good crip’s clothing).


  5. 28. – has a Bad Attitude
    29- is unapologetically fat
    30- is not photogenic
    31- has no interest in sports or yoga
    32- doesn’t respond to pain medication exactly as doctors think they should
    33- has no special talent to justify their existence
    33- has no diagnosis or a stigmatized diagnosis


  6. Thank you, I just came ascross you’re post and it’s is crap I experience all the time! Makes me feel better that I a my not the only one feeling these things.


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