Open Letter to People Who Want to Pray that I be Healed

Dear Religious Person

I am writing this in response to your unsolicited offer to pray that God will heal me of my disability.

Thank you so much for your unsolicited concern for my health while I was just going about my day. I may have been doing any of the following.

Walking home from school

Running to catch the bus

Having coffee with friends

Existing in public for any reason that has never been for the purpose of attracting the pity and concern of random strange people whose faith I don’t actually share.

Does your prayer go something like this?

Dear God

I am told that you are an omniscient and faultless deity but I saw something today and I think a cosmic mistake may have been made.

God, you may not believe this but I saw a disabled person today and it was very distressing. I mean being disabled must be awful. They can’t go everywhere i can. They can’t come to my house because there are steps to reach the door. I mean this one could walk and wasn’t in a wheelchair so she probably could but she had this unsightly leg brace and stairs can’t be easy. She must feel so alone. I don’t see people like her often. There are no people like that at my church or job.

I just know that the only thing that will make her life better if she was more like me. I have already approached her and explained that I understand her pain. I have also explained that the only possible solution is Jesus. There are no earthly steps that could ever improve her life so long as she is disabled.

So God, Please help me help her by granting my prayer. It would make me so happy to know that she isn’t suffering anymore.


I’m sure that prayer made you feel so much better. You tried.

I however would suggest for you a different prayer. In future before you interrupt someone just living their life to point out their fundamental difference from yourself. Try and avoid suggesting that they are flawed and in need of fixing. Instead say this prayer.

Dear God

Please help to to create a world where all people are welcome and accepted. Particularly God help me to create a world where other people do not have to fundamentally change their natural selves to make me more comfortable.


If you are unable to do the latter. Feel free to pray for me. Just keep it to yourself. I’m sure they will be just as effective.


Someone who just wants to get from A to B without incident

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