Looking Back at #CrippingTheMighty

It has been eleven days since The Mighty post that inspired #CrippingTheMighty. A lot of good has come out of the hashtag. I have been exposed to new activist voices. My post on my initial take on the situation was shared widely on twitter and Facebook. It was even referenced by one of my favourite … Continue reading Looking Back at #CrippingTheMighty

Thoughts on #CrippingTheMighty

I became aware of #CrippingTheMighty yesterday when a friend mentioned me in a tweet. https://twitter.com/GreggBeratan/status/679179889484931072 Now I have been aware of The Mighty for a long time. I have been uncomfortable with it for about the same length of time. The Mighty is ostensibly a site about disability. Their tagline is, Real people. Real stories.: … Continue reading Thoughts on #CrippingTheMighty